Nutrition from the Sea


United Fisheries is a 100% family owned New Zealand business, based in Christchurch, with a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of personnel.

We produce and supply top quality seafood products from our purpose built facilities. These processing facilities are equal to any in their class in the world, and the advanced design and incorporation of the latest technology will meet the ever increasing international standards and conditions for many years to come.

All fish is caught according to the New Zealand Quota Management System, a sustainable fishing resource.

From the by-products of our fish processing factory we produce Fish Bone Powder and Shark Cartilage Powder, which are then used to make our Nutri Zing Calcium Fish Bone (MCHC) Powder Capsules, and our Nutri Zing Shark Cartilage Powder Capsules.

We use mussels grown on our farms in the Marlborough Sounds to produce Greenshell™ Mussel Powder, which is used to produce our Nutri Zing Greenshell™ Mussel Powder Capsules and Nutri Zing Greenshell™ Mussel Powder Tablets for Pets.

All of the procedures used when producing our Nutri Zing range comply with the regulations and guidelines of New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). Every care is taken throughout the process to ensure the fullest retention possible of all the nutritional goodness (in its biologically active state), and to maintain consistent and complete customer satisfaction.

Because it is so abundant and vital to our planet, the sea has always been a rich and bountiful source of life, a blend of multiple nutrients and trace elements that even Democritus (the Greek father of chemistry) would have been proud to create. It is from the clean, unpolluted waters of New Zealand, where the finest nutritional bounty and health care only the sea (nature’s ‘cradle of life’) can offer that we source our raw materials. Nutritionists agree that the right balance of nutrients and proteins in the body assists with better health and helps you enjoy a superior lifestyle.

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“Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.”

Heinrich Zimmer, Historian. 1870-1943